Help, I Messed It Up! (What to Do About Mistakes)

My Dearest Bible & Art Journaling Friends,
Spoiler alert:  “Mistakes” happen. We can call them “oopsies”, “unintended outcomes” or even “happy accidents” (just like Bob Ross said). Whatever we call them, they are a fact of life.
Today I decided to focus on this important basic concept we must master to preserve our sanity when Bible journaling: Know what to do when something goes wrong. 

I worked on this page to feature in the DaySpring Bible Journaling group featuring the Women of the Bible “Better Together” kit (featuring Huldah’s story – amazing!). As I worked through it, I used some little teardrop-shaped inkpads I’d purchased recently to make this flower and used a simple yellow crayon to do the center.


Disaster! It soaked through! (Spoiler alert: It’s not a disaster. It’s ok! No, really… it’s actually ok!

I was happy with the outcome for such a simple page technique until… disaster! It. Soaked. Through. And isn’t that everyone’s greatest fear with ink pads? If it soaks through, it’s surely ruined, isn’t it?!?  (Spoiler alert: NO, it is most certainly NOT ruined. 😀)

Allow me to share the single greatest piece of advice I try to heed for myself when an “unexpected outcome” happens and I get a result about which I’m not immediately happy.
Here’s the secret: DON’T PANIC! Take a deep breath. It will be OK. (And say it with me again, friends, “It doesn’t have to be perfect!“)
Who remembers the wonderful, kind voice of Bob Ross (and his legendary afro)? Remember that he said that there are no mistakes in artwork, only “happy accidents”? I challenge each of us to see this sort of thing as exactly what Bob Ross said; it’s a happy accident!
Yes, the ink soaked through on one of my pages, right? So. What. It’s not a big deal. Instead of panicking and telling myself (and others) how “I messed up my page,” I challenge each of us to find a way to make it awesome!
For instance, here are just three quick ideas I could use for the back side of this page (and have used with other “happy accidents” in the past):
  1. Use paint and/or ink over the soaked-through portion to intentionally do a similar flower design on the back side also. Take that, “mistake”!
  2. Cover with absolutely anything – die-cut decorations, stickers, or some fun and beautiful washi tape. All of these can look amazing!
  3. Add splashes of bold acrylic paint here and there on the page and on top of the ink here as beautiful background for another page.
Most important tip for your “happy accidents”: Dont. PANIC. It can always be fixed.
And you know what else? God always shows up for me every time.
I have had ink and paint soak through. I’ve torn pages, stamped words upside down, and smeared things I thought would be impossible to fix. But God shows me every single time that he can make all things beautiful. All. Things. And time spent in His word is more beautiful to him than any design I put on the page anyway, don’t you think? ❤️
So, let’s have some grace for ourselves. When it doesn’t look as expected, just go with it and call it a “happy accident”!
Big hugs,
P.S. Here’s a personal challenge from me: On your next Bible journaling page (even if it’s your first!), I challenge you to say 100% of nothing negative about it, even to yourself, and not even silently. Criticize nothing. Apologize for nothing. Celebrate the beauty of the time you spent in the Word! Your art is beautiful to Him, and you CAN do this. I believe in you! ❤️
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New Kits & Workbooks & Journals, Oh My! (My Recent Supply Favorites)

Hey y’all! Thanks for joining me on the DaySpring Bible Journaling Group and (in)Courage’s Women of Courage Online Bible Study on Facebook, at the Flippy Doodle studio, and of course here at

I get oodles of questions about supplies we’re using in the group and in the studio, and I wanted to share those with you. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to leave a comment with a question! Happy to help any way I can.

First, let’s review some of the posts! You’ll find the supply list below.

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We used some fun and beautiful Bibles, journals and Bible accessories! One of my faves was the new Written on My Heart: Bible Study Notes Journal by Shanna Noel (which you’ll see below). I’ve discovered this is perfect for taking notes at a Bible study or during a sermon, and it made it so, so easy for me to organize my thoughts on the page and still allowed me to make it fun and creative.  Five stars on this one!


Bibles, Journals, Books & Bible Accessories I Used This Week:


fullsizeoutput_3d11I was so blessed to do the video preview of the new kit, which just released the week of Feb 19! This is the second kit in the Women of the Bible series called “Friendship on Purpose“, and I just love it! 

Other Supplies:

Just a few other tidbits!


Quick tip for buying from DaySpring: Shipping is always free for any $50 purchase.

Not seeing what you need in this week’s list? Shop all Bible Journaling supplies here.

Thanks for joining us this week, friends! Questions? Add them in the comments, or feel free to pop over and join the DaySpring Bible Journaling Facebook Group for more detail on the individual posts this week. (Or better still… pop over to check out our latest editorial calendar, and follow along with us!)

Have a fabulous week! 



Quick Tip:  Just getting started with Bible journaling?

Created to Create Bible Journaling Starter Kit

If you aren’t sure where to start, I highly recommend the Created to Create Bible Journaling Starter Kit.  Great devotionals, plenty of supplies, cute storage box and right around $50 so shipping is free also. Super easy!

For great articles on getting started, I highly recommend checking out the library of Bible Journaling articles on! You’ll find everything from beginner basics there to tips for hosting a Bible journaling get-together with friends – no artistic skills required! 


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Getting “Psalty” With My Book Club Besties

IMG_1225I recently tried a little Bible and art journaling experiment with a group of girlfriends. It was especially awesome for us in part because we weren’t all regular “Bible journalers”. In fact, the four of us could be called an unlikely group of friends, as we are all very different.

A few years ago, the four of us led a women’s Bible study together at church. And this was no regular Bible study. (Meaning we weren’t exactly polite ladies sipping sweet tea and smiling over tea cakes.) It a group of women who got realover a period of months. We got personal. We got raw. We got vulnerable. And we got close. And we’ve stayed that way. It’s glorious.

We call ourselves The Book Club.

That’s why I wanted so badly to start this what I’m calling my “Get Psalty” experiment with this group… We are so close yet so different, and some of us love to get creative more than others! (And at least one of you just started laughing reading that sentence…)AI9oeqb3QHy76r8asjr%6g

My immediate reaction was: all the heart eyes for this journaling psalter!

And I thought to myself: The girls will love these!

Maybe, I thought, it would be cool to exchange them with each other. I knew it would be a great way to lift them up. It’s the exact opposite of a “Mean Girls”-style “burn book”, and it could really help us celebrate each other.

But would they try it?

So I brought the idea to my Book Club girls. I suggested we each have a Psalter and do a little work in it ourselves, then exchange them and work in each other’s.

The idea is that we keep exchanging them over a period of weeks, months or years, and in doing so we end up studying the book of Psalms together and celebrating each other and our friendship in the process. And we come away with a treasure for each of us – a keepsake with words from our girls that we will treasure always.



The Book Club girls showed immediate (but brief) excitement, followed by some apprehension and maybe a teensy bit of terror:  We love it! How awesome! But wait… what if we make a mistake? What if my page looks stupid? What if it isn’t as good as hers?!? What if completely ruin it? What if I’m not good enough at this!?!?  What if what if what if…?!?!?!?

Isn’t that how it so often goes for us as women? There’s excitement about something new, followed by that fear of failure… the comparison to others that makes us feel we don’t measure up… that (no-good, conniving, lying) voice inside us that says to us, “You can’t handle this. You aren’t good enough.”  (Except we are. And you are.)


So we did it anyway. And I’m so happy that we did!

We had to speak the words out loud that we would have grace for ourselves and for each other. “Mistakes” do not exist… only happy accidents (thank you, Bob Ross, for that phrase!).


Now, we exchange psalters about once a month or sometimes a bit more often. We take someone’s (not our own), do a page as a tribute to or prayer for each other, and then we return them a week or two later. And each of us fights the urge to cry. Every. Single. Time.

Flipping through one of our psalters, you’ll find things like:

  • “You inspire me to be a better person. You are truly my sister.”
  • “Love you, my friend with the infectiously amazing smile.”
  • “God, you continue to pour out your love through her life and friendship…”
  • “God, thank you for… she is truly a gift for me and I love that you use her to show me who You are…”



When my spirit has been weaker than my day has been long, flipping through my psalter and reading what my Book Club sisters have written legitimately changes my spirit. Quickly.

It’s glorious. And I will cherish it always.


SwyIwvQgRX+jULmS5SCiMASoon, at my Bible Journaling studio called Flippy Doodle, I’ll be hosting a “Bring Your Besties and Get Psalty” workshop for those who want to try it out. Bring a friend, your sister, daughter, mother, neighbor, bestie, colleague, or even commit to try it out with someone you don’t know well yet. I assure you that you’ll cherish the result!

For more information on upcoming Flippy Doodle workshops, check out our Facebook page events,, or see the upcoming events at Rogers Experimental House (where the studio is located).


For supplies and more Bible Journaling content, check out the Bible Journaling supplies page on


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Note: Some links on this site are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. No pressure to purchase, ever, and opinions expressed here are always just mine.