Ginormous Sale Alert on All Things Bible Journaling

Hey, friends, I’m keeping this *super* short and sweet today, but just a quick RED ALERT that DaySpring has put approximately almost absolutely E V E R Y T H I N G on their website on sale.

Get to the sale here below and use code FAITH25 at checkout for 25% off everything on your order and free shipping over $50. (Note: The only exclusions are Willow Tree items and Hosanna Revival Bibles. You CAN get your Illustrating Bible at 25% off (sale ends March 17, 2020).

Quickly, here are my top five things I’d grab while the discount is available!

  1. Any Illustrating Bible, including the big one, the book of Luke or Psalms & Proverbs.
  2. Starter supplies. This tool kit is a favorite.
  3. Storage solutions. There are tons of possibilities, but I love this one. Oh! And this one too.
  4. A Bible Journaling workbook in which you can actually practice right on the page!
  5. Absolutely anything from the Illustrated Faith “Beloved Society” collection. Especially true of this “Beloved Society – Ladies” washi tape. I will NEVER own enough rolls of this washi!

Hope you enjoy the sale, everyone! So excited. What are you picking up? (Don’t forget code FAITH25 to save 25% and free shipping over $50!

“What’s True About You” – The Scoop on the New Kit (& More)

If you saw the live video unboxing of the new kit from DaySpring earlier tonight, you might have heard me say something about the many uses of washi tape. I seriously have sealed up lunch bags with it, bandaged boo-boos (in a pinch) and more. Ironically, later that same evening, washi tape came in pretty handy!

Here’s the quick version: My husband and I were moving our “classic” RV (named “Walter”) across town to prepare to sell. En route, we noticed a compartment door on Walter’s backside wouldn’t stay closed and was flying around as he drove. The huz stopped and began hunting for duct tape; I (of course!) grabbed my purse. I dug around and extracted a roll of Illustrated Faith washi tape, peeled off several strips, and we seriously taped the door shut with it. (Yes, I’m afraid we did.) Crazy. But it worked and made the journey safely. Hooray for washi tape!

The new Bible Journaling kit from
What’s True About You – “God’s Friend” Bible Journaling Kit

Anyway, back to the kit release tonight! If you didn’t see the video, you can check it out here! For those who did already, I showed all of the contents of the latest DaySpring Bible Journaling kit, the second in the “What’s True About You” series based on Holley Gerth’s new book by the same name.

The new kit, called “God’s Friend”, is the last of the monthly kits from DaySpring for a little while! They’re taking a break while they work on bringing us new Bible journaling goodies in the coming weeks and months. And, good news – the existing kits are all evergreen, so you can jump in anytime. You aren’t behind! Start now, and enjoy.

I also showed (and got to give away!) the new Illustrating Bible from DaySpring, and it’s just beautiful! It began shipping this week, so if you haven’t picked one up yet, it’s available at last here.

Finally, here’s the quick scoop on a deal! Pick up the new kit (or any of the kits) starting Friday morning, May 17, through Sunday, May 19 and get free shipping.

And here’s a quick look at some of the things we checked out tonight:

Goodies from Holley Gerth at DaySpring (from top, left to right): Promises from God Perpetual Calendar, What’s True About You book, Promises From God for Life’s Hard Moments book, 100 Pass-Along Promises, “She Believed” Journal
The New Kit, the associated book and journal from Holley Gerth, and the brand NEW Illustrating Bible!

Thanks, everyone. Don’t forget to pick up your goodies sometime on or before Sunday, May 19 to take advantage of the free shipping offer at DaySpring!

Bible Journaling 101: #getFLIPPYwithit

The inside cover of my Crossway ESV Single-Column Journaling Bible with the leather cover… aka “my Legacy Bible”.

Hey, friends. I get lots of “how-to” questions from folks who are new to Bible and art journaling or looking to try it out for the first time. Come to think of it, I get plenty of “how-to” questions from those who have dabbled in Bible Journaling for a while as well!

During workshops at Flippy Doodle, I tend to use these basic instructions, and they make up the acrostic “FLIPPY”. Here’s how we #getFLIPPYwithit at my little studio:

  • F: Forget perfection.
  • L: Listen to God.
  • I: Imagine fearlessly.
  • P: Pray.
  • P: Play.
  • Y: Yay!
When I don’t feel I measure up… (Illustrating Bible)

F: Forget perfection.
Don’t you find that we often feel the need to make every little thing as perfect as possible? We say, “I’m such a perfectionist” and wear it as a badge of honor, but secretly we allow it to fill our hearts with fear that what our work won’t be “good enough”, “pretty enough”, or “as good as” someone else’s. This is a lie we tell ourselves, and I challenge you to abandon it! Only God can do perfection, so striving for that is setting ourselves up to fail. Have grace for yourself and just enjoy the process! The goal is to linger longer in our study here, not to create a perfect piece of artwork.

I can’t say this often enough or loud enough: Perfectionism is the greatest enemy of creativity. Say it with me: It doesn’t have to be perfect!

In this “vintage hymnal junk journal” I used stickers and Illustrated Faith paints from DaySpring to feature this favorite Brene Brown quote: “Strong back, soft front, wild heart.”
(It’s a goal for me!)

L: Listen to God.
Our goal in Bible Journaling is to connect with God as we linger longer in Scripture. To do that, we have to listen to him! I’m not talking about listening for audible instructions from the Maker of Heaven & Earth – I promise! What I mean is really about spending time with him. Maybe it’s reading a devotional or study notes in your Bible. Maybe it’s listening to worship music or a podcast. Whatever speaks to your heart is great! Do that, and then begin to pay attention to what sticks in your mind and heart. What is God saying to you in this time?

Let’s be brave! Fearless! (“Summer Garden” Large Print Crossway ESV Single-Column Journaling Bible)

I: Imagine fearlessly.
This is the fun part, y’all! Now is when we begin to imagine what the page might look like. As you think about what you studied above, where does it take your mind? Maybe you’re focusing on a single word or phrase. Maybe it brings a picture to your thoughts. Maybe it’s exciting and energizing and makes you want to splash the page with bold colors, or maybe it brings you to a place of peace and comfort, and you want to create something a little more subdued.

Here’s the most important thing to remember: There are no rules. You get to decide what happens here and what speaks to you most.

The secrets to success here are:
1. Abandon perfectionism
2. Confront fear as a no-good, lying, low-down liar-liar-pants-on-fire.
3. Bravely move forward.

You can do it! (Yes, you can.)

P: Pray.
Sometimes, before I start my page, I like to ask God for guidance just to help me more deeply connect with the message I studied. Other times, I like to talk with God as I go along (even silently).

I have found if I trust him to lead me through the process, I’m much happier with the result. He shows us grace, and teaches us to have grace for each other and ourselves, and that’s super important here!

Align your heart with the reason you’re doing this, and you’ll be fine, I promise.

Rainbow colors and a bubble-wrap technique featured in the Workbook Guide to Bible Journaling by Shanna Noel

P: Play.
Ohmygoodness, this is where we give ourselves permission to have fun! Remember that earlier step when we chose to imagine fearlessly? Now we get to try out all we imagined!

Be as bold or as conservative as you choose; this part is up to you. But I encourage you to be brave and try something out of your comfort zone. Splash on acrylic paint. Try some stickers. Go wild with washi tape. Add some hand-journaled thoughts to the page. No fear and no self-criticism!

Y: Yay!
This is the most easily skipped step, but I believe it’s a super-important one, so I challenge you not to skip this!

The “Yay” step is all about sharing what you’ve done with someone. Maybe it’s showing it to someone sitting at the table across from you working in their Bible also, or maybe it’s snapping a picture and sharing it via text or social media with some friends (or even strangers!). .

“But, I’m not ‘artistic’… My page won’t look like everyone else’s… Mine isn’t as good as ____’s page… I can’t show this to anyone…” said at least one person (or all of the people) at every single Bible Journaling Workshop ever.

I hear you, friends. Believe me. But trust me when I say sharing is worth it. Find a group of others who are supportive and positive (no judgment), and share thoughts and ideas together. (May I recommend our Flippy Doodle Bible Journaling Group and the DaySpring Bible Journaling Group, for those not already in the know?)

I promise that no matter what you think of your page, there’s at least one person who will be glad to see it and blessed as a result. And that is doubly true if your page is not perfect in every way. There is tremendous value in sharing our artwork, both for the person with whom it’s shared and the one doing the sharing.

Welcome to Flippy Doodle! (Pictured: Illustrating Bible from DaySpring.

OK, so who’s ready to get started? For those local to NW Arkansas, we’d love for you to join us at the Flippy Doodle studio. Not possible? That’s OK! Try it out wherever you are locally, but join us in the DaySpring or Flippy Doodle Bible Journaling Groups instead.

Enjoy, friends! I can’t wait to see your next page.

Big hugs,

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The bigger this Bible gets, the more I love it! My “Legacy Bible” is a leather-bound Crossway ESV Single-Column Journaling Bible.

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