Ginormous Sale Alert on All Things Bible Journaling

Hey, friends, I’m keeping this *super* short and sweet today, but just a quick RED ALERT that DaySpring has put approximately almost absolutely E V E R Y T H I N G on their website on sale.

Get to the sale here below and use code FAITH25 at checkout for 25% off everything on your order and free shipping over $50. (Note: The only exclusions are Willow Tree items and Hosanna Revival Bibles. You CAN get your Illustrating Bible at 25% off (sale ends March 17, 2020).

Quickly, here are my top five things I’d grab while the discount is available!

  1. Any Illustrating Bible, including the big one, the book of Luke or Psalms & Proverbs.
  2. Starter supplies. This tool kit is a favorite.
  3. Storage solutions. There are tons of possibilities, but I love this one. Oh! And this one too.
  4. A Bible Journaling workbook in which you can actually practice right on the page!
  5. Absolutely anything from the Illustrated Faith “Beloved Society” collection. Especially true of this “Beloved Society – Ladies” washi tape. I will NEVER own enough rolls of this washi!

Hope you enjoy the sale, everyone! So excited. What are you picking up? (Don’t forget code FAITH25 to save 25% and free shipping over $50!

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